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The National Association of State Pregnancy Wellness Coalitions (NASPWC), Inc.

is a national network composed of statewide pregnancy support organizations. As a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation, we are dedicated to providing legislative advocacy and educational support to our member organizations. Our goal is to enable and assist them in their mission to support pregnant women, men, babies, and their families through the work of their respective state coalitions.

board of directors:

Shawn Zierke President and CEO
Lisa Maloney Vice President (CT-PCC)
Jon Merwarth Treasurer (PPWC)
MW Regional Director
Laura Messick SE Regional Director (TN-PCN)
Threesa Sadler SW Director (LAT)
NW Director
NE Regional Director Position open
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South West – 8
North West – 9
South East – 9
Mid West – 11
North East – 11

empowerment and support:

Our purpose is multifaceted. At the core, we aim to empower state pregnancy wellness coalitions by providing lobbying training and support. We understand that effective public policy and legislation can make a significant difference in the lives of pregnant women, men, and families. To this end, we will offer public relations, media training, and a unified messaging source that accurately represents pregnancy help organizations (PHOs). This cohesive approach will enhance the influence and reach of each coalition at the state level.

policy advocacy and legislative support

In addition to advocacy training, NASPWC will offer nuanced policy interpretation, propose appropriate policy language, and explore funding options at the state level. We recognize the importance of protecting local groups while advancing pregnancy wellness initiatives. Specifically, we will provide expertise and recommendations concerning Alternatives to Abortion (A2A) and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) funding. Furthermore, we aim to proactively address and defend against accusations of misleading advertising tactics and allegations related to fake clinics through a network of resources.

goals & objectives

Our initial objectives include the following:

  1. Forming more state coalitions where they currently do not exist, by offering guidance on the most suitable organizational structure (either as a 501c6, 501c4, or informal structure).
  2. Providing lobbying training specifically tailored to the unique needs of each state coalition.
  3. Offering policy advice on funding, legislation, and leadership, while avoiding overlap with organizations like Heartbeat, CareNet, and NIFLA that already provide similar services at the PHO level.
  4. Being prepared with policy recommendations particularly focused on A2A and TANF funding, as well as strategic defenses against unfounded accusations.

types of coalitions

We encourage the formation of coalitions in each state that adhere to one of the following models:

  1.  An alliance for combined action, including lobbying or group buying power, that fosters relationship building among members, and may hold an annual state conference (either as a 501c6, 501c4, or informal structure).
  2. A formal 501c3 group that administers pass through funding to PHOs, networking and leadership support, limited legislative advocacy, and may hold a state conference.
  3. A formal 501c3 group specifically for networking purposes within a state.
  4. An informal but active coalition consisting of at least five PHOs, maternity homes, and/or adoption agencies in a particular state or region that exists for networking, leadership support, and limited legislative advocacy.

Note that we do not currently endorse “coalitions” that are merely directory-only websites, funding distribution organizations without active networking, state government divisions/departments, or small gatherings of fewer than five organizations.

our commitment

The National Association of State Pregnancy Wellness Coalitions stands committed to nurturing and empowering state-level pregnancy wellness coalitions across the nation. Through strategic advocacy, education, and targeted support, we aim to better the lives of pregnant women, men, babies, and families in need.

1st Annual Meeting — Washington DC

January 17th, 2024, Location TBD

This will include arrangements to meet with your state’s federal lawmakers on the 17th or 18th preceding the March for Life events.

membership in naspwc

Regular Member

All state coalitions of pregnancy centers/networks, collaboratives located in the United States of America, designated by their respective Boards and Bylaws, upon the consent by its CEO/Executive Director who also agrees to the NASPWC Statement of Purpose, shall be considered Regular Members of the Organization. Regular members shall be represented by their Executive Director/CEO or Board Chair, or their designee, who shall be an employee and/or a member of the governing board of the member organization. Regular members shall have the right to attend and participate in meetings of the Organization, receive organizational information and to be represented by the Organization in matters related to all state coalitions of pregnancy centers/networks/collaboratives. Regular members are those who have not paid dues. Regular members shall not have the right to vote, hold office, or represent NASPWC in any official capacity determined by the Board of Directors, or the President. Consent to be considered a Regular Member of NASPWC may be withdrawn by the respective CEO/Executive Director or Board Chair at any time.

Active Member

Active members shall have the same eligibility requirements as Regular members. Active members are those who have paid dues. Active members have all of the benefits of Regular members but shall additionally have the right to vote, hold office and represent NASPWC in any official capacity, such as committee assignments on NASPWC committees, as determined by the Board of Directors or the Board Chair/President.

Sustaining Member

Organizations not eligible for regular membership, but who are interested in supporting the mission of NASPWC and are located in United States of America, subscribe to the purpose of the Corporation and our Statement of Purpose shall be eligible to become sustaining members. Organizations requesting sustaining membership shall be approved by a three-fourths vote of the Board of Directors. Annual dues shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Sustaining members shall have the same rights and privileges as Regular Members.

Current Sustaining Member




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